The Brady Institute
Clinical Services

he inpatient coma recovery and Traumatic Brain Injury unit (TBI) is a 20- bed facility.  The unit opened in 1994 as one of the first facilities for brain injury in NYC and was named after James Brady and his wife Sarah.  Mr. Brady, former White House Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan, suffered a severe brain injury in 1981 after receiving a gunshot wound to the head.  He continued his job at the White House and exemplifies the kind of recovery The Brady Institute hopes to inspire.

Coma patients need special care to increase their chances of awakening and making a recovery.  Four beds in the TBI unit are dedicated to coma recovery patients. This was a visionary move for The Brady Institute, as the unit became the first in the region to offer dedicated beds of this kind. The Brady Institute offers comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation programs and services, including an aggressive coma stimulation program for patients recovering from a coma.

For patients who complete their inpatient care and will return back to the community, the Department of Rehabilitation also provides a dynamic continuity of care and treatment through comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program and services.

For additional information, contact 718-206-7154.



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